Blood on the Marsh

bloodonmarshBlood on the Marsh

The adventures of General Lachlan McIntosh, Flora MacDonald, Roderick McIntosh, Colonel Anne Mackintosh, Colonel John McIntosh, John Mackintosh Mor, Captain Aeneas Mackintosh, Brigadier William Mackintosh, Sergeant Allen McDonald, and Alexander McDonald

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Brigadier William Mackintosh of Borlum led Jacobite forces in the Rising of 1715 and also participated in the Rising of 1719.

John Mackintosh Mor fought in the Rising of 1715, led the Scots who settled Darien, and was taken prisoner in the Battle of Mosa.

Aeneas the 22nd Chief of Clan Mackintosh served as a ranger in colonial South Carolina, returned to Scotland before the Rising of 1745, and remained loyal to the government.

‘Colonel Anne’ Mackintosh married the 22nd Chief of Clan Mackintosh and brought out the clan in the Rising of 1745.

Aeneas the 23rd Chief of Clan Mackintosh served as a captain in the 71st Highlanders throughout the American Revolution.

Continental General Lachlan McIntosh emigrated with his father John Mackintosh Mor from Scotland to the settlement at Darien, Georgia, served in Oglethorpe’s regiment at Fort Frederica, and held important commands during the American Revolution.

Roderick ‘Rory’ McIntosh, a grandson of Brigadier William Mackintosh of Borlum, grew up in Scotland, emigrated to Darien, and served in the British army during the American Revolution.

Continental Colonel John McIntosh defiantly defended Sunbury, Georgia, and was taken prisoner at Brier Creek.

Flora MacDonald rescued Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Jacobite Rising of 1745, emigrated to North Carolina before the American Revolution, lost her plantation because she, her husband and their sons remained loyal to the king, and returned to Scotland.

Allen McDonald performed heroic feats in Marion’s Brigade during the American Revolution.

Alexander McDonald was born in the Scottish Highlands and emigrated to Georgia as a recruit for the regiment at Fort Frederica.

His son Sergeant Alexander McDonald served in the 2nd South Carolina Regiment under the command of Francis Marion in the American Revolution.

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